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With your support, Moor House School & College is able to help more children and young people aged 7-19 with the most severe and complex speech and language disabilities. Whether it is helping them to have access to better residential accommodation, or more modern therapy and teaching facilities, equipment and resources, your help is crucial for us.

The quality of Care and Education at Moor House has been described as ‘Outstanding’ in Ofsted 2014 inspection reports. However, Moor House has not invested in its residential care, teaching and therapy infrastructure and resources for students aged 7-16 over four decades. Such an investment is now considered to be pivotal for the continuation of our excellence in future.

The student fees that we receive from Local Education Authorities pay only for the day to day provision of our core services. To expand our provision, build new residential units, or refurbish and modernise our teaching and therapy facilities, we rely on philanthropic income. Your support will enable us to maintain and improve on what we have achieved so far and build the future for more children and young people with speech and language disabilities.

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