Therapy and Specialist Teaching Hub / 2017 - 2019

Therapy And Specialist Teaching Hub : £2.5m

We currently have 150 students (only 75 in 2011) and we need to grow to 180 in the coming years. Additional facilities are needed to cater for this growth in numbers and outdated buildings beyond their useful life need to be upgraded so that we can offer excellent, fit for purpose facilities to enhance our student learning and life experience while they are at Moor House.

The next phase of our strategic development plan will aim to deliver a new enlarged facility for Pottery and Design Technology - subjects at which our students achieve outstanding results, a specially designed Therapy and Specialist Teaching Hub and the refurbishment and re-purposing of an old Occupational Therapy building.

The new therapy building will include:

  • 2 gross motor skills rooms
  • 2 fine motor skills rooms
  • 1 physiotherapy room
  • 1 sensory room
  • 2 occupational therapy rooms
  • 4 group therapy rooms
  • 5 speech and language therapy rooms
  • 1 literacy and teaching hub
  • 1 team office
  • Communal areas

We will gratefully acknowledge any support you can give us for the above developments. If you wish to sponsor any of the above capital items, please Click Here. Bespoke sponsorship and naming opportunities are available for our benefactors. To discuss further, please contact Tia on or call 01883 712271


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