Phase 4 / 2017 - 2019

New Therapy, Music And Gym Suites : £2.5m

Phase 4 of our development plans includes building New Therapy, Music and Gym Suites that expand and modernise the infrastructure of Moor House’s Therapy Music and Gym services. Plans for this phase are not complete yet, but we will complete the plans and drawings in a few months. The timeline for Phase 4 is 2017-2019 and it is estmated to cost £2.5m.

NOTE: Below please find the approximate cost breakdown for Phase 4. We will be fundraising for all the components of Phase 4. Any support or sponsorship you can pledge now will be gratefully acknowledged. All the costs are estimates.

New Therapy Building £2m
- 2 Gross Motor Skills Rooms     
- 2 Fine Motor Skills Rooms                  
- 1 Physiotherapy Room      
- 1 Sensory Room                         
- 2 Occupational Therapy Rooms         
- 4 Group Therapy Rooms     
- 5 Speech & Language Thearpy Rooms (1:2:1 and paired)   
- 1 Literacy & Teaching Hub  
- 1 Team Office  
-  Communical areas             

We will gratefully acknowledge any support you can give us for the above developments. If you wish to sponsor any of the above capital items, please Click Here. Bespoke sponsorship and naming opportunities are available for our benefactors. To discuss further, please contact Tia on or call 01883 01883712271


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