Phase 3 / 2016 - 2017

Refurbishment Project : £714 thousand

With the completion of Phases 1 & 2 of our Development Plans, we are now focusing on raising funds for Phase 3. Phase 3 is called the Refurbishment Project and it includes the purchase of furniture for the new Campus, the refurbishment of the Old Dormitory areas into new Residential, Teaching, Learning and Therapy units in the main building, and the refurbishment of the Design, Technology and Pottery Workship. The timeline for the Refurbishment Project is 2016-2017. Phase 3 is estimated to cost £714,000 of which we hava already raised over £400,000.

Below please find the  cost breakdown for the Phase 3 of our Development Plans.   Any support you can consider giving Moor House, will be gratefully acknowledged and appreciated. All the costs are estimates and provide naming opportunities.  You can pledge now and pay later. You can spread your pledge across months and year.

Refurbishment Project: £  
-20 Residential Bedrooms, and 2 Communal Kitchens, 2 Dining Rooms and 2 Common Rooms 160,000   (Funded)  
- 3 Literacy and Group Therapy Classrooms     55,000   (Funded)     
- 4 Specialist Group Study Classrooms            40,000   (Funded)
- 3 staff Rooms   28,000   (funded)
- 2 Occupational Therapy Rooms   32,000
- 1 ART Room   77,000    (funded)   
- 1 Science Theory Classroom                                             32,000        
- 1 Design, technology and Ceramics Workship  200,000
- Furniture for the new 40-unit Residential Campus  90,000    (Funded)    

We are grateful to all our supporters and donors who have enabled us to fulfil our development plans so that we can cater for a growing number of speech and language impaired students. In particular, we would like to thank parents and grandparents, the Linbury Trust, the Fidelity UK, the EBM Charitable Trust, the Boshier Hinton Charitable Trust, the Hobson Charity, the Percy Bilton Charitable Trust, the Masonic Charitable Trust, the Wessex Youth Trust, the Albert Hunt Trust, and many others who have contributed generously towards Phase 3. We are also grateful to many members of staff and friends of the charity who participated in various sponsored events to generate the much needed income for our Refurbishment Project.

We will gratefully acknowledge any support you can offer us for the capital items that have not been funded as yet. To support our Refurbishment Project, please Click Here. Bespoke sponsorship and naming opportunities are available for our benefactors. Rememebr, you can pledge now and pay later - you can spread your payment across months and years. To discuss further, please contact Dr Kellaway, Head of Capital Appeals, on or call 01883 818152 – 07795 905 718

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