Phase 2 / 2015 - 2016

New 40-unit School Residential Campus : £3.1m

Phase 2 of our ambitious development plans was to build a residential campus for junior students. The Campus includes 3 houses providing 40 student bedrooms, 3 communal kitchens and dining areas, a Medical & Care Centre, and a Multi-Purpose Student Centre. The completion of Phase 2 of our development plans not only provides additional and more modern living spaces for our students, but also to enable us to vacate and refurbish the old dormitory areas in the main building into additional bedrooms and classrooms.

We are very pleased to report that all the £3.1m for this phase was successfully raised and the work was completed in May 2016.  We are grateful to all our funders and supporters. In aprticular, we would like to acknowledge the generous support of the ACT Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, Clothworkers Foundation, the Wolfson Foundation, the Peter Harrison Foundation, the Sobell Foundation, The Bernard Sunley Charitable Trust, and the Thomas Bailey Charitable Trust.

Here is a breakdown of the funding needed for Phase 2:  £Raised     £To Raise
- 3 x three-storey houses (£2,800,000)    2,800,000  0
- Medical & Care Centre (£200,000)               200,000  0
- Multi-Purpose Student Centre (£100,000)       100,000      0

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